OptiProERP July 2022 R2 Release – New WMS Enhancements

OptiProERP July 2022 R2 Release – New WMS Enhancements

We recently came out with a new product release that includes two Warehouse Management System (WMS) mobile functions using the WMS scan feature that will make inventory counting easier.

The first is Spot Count which allows spot or ad-hoc counting to be done for unscheduled inventory counting requirements on a mobile device or bar code scanner. You can execute a partial or complete physical inventory count with it. When the count is complete, the inventory amounts get updated.

Spot Count

The other enhancement is the Physical Count mobile feature, which has been updated to cater to those that have precise inventory counting requirements. The Physical Count feature now includes additional fields: Document Remarks, Item Name, In-Warehouse Quantity on Count Date, Variance, In-Warehouse Quantity (Batch), Counted Quantity (Batch), UOM (Unit of Measurement) Code, Inventory UOM, Line Remarks, Counted Checkbox, and more. This enhancement lets OptiProERP users count inventory precisely as needed.

Physical Count

OptiProERP continually invests in its manufacturing ERP software to provide functionality manufacturers need. For more information on our solution, please contact us or you can watch our Product Tour.