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Simplifying the business of distribution

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Handle your needs with one solution

Handle your needs with
one solution

SAP Business One for Distribution is a fully integrated ERP solution that helps you manage and streamline all aspects of your business with end-to-end distribution-specific functionality.

Run your business efficiently and affordably

Run your business efficiently
and affordably

SAP Business One for Distribution is an intuitive solution with features that provide easy control, clear visibility, and quick insights that help you lower costs and increase efficiency.

Power your growth on a scalable platform

Power your growth on
a scalable platform

SAP Business One for Distribution is built on a best-in-class platform that provides more reliability, flexibility, scalability, and control to ensure you are future-ready.

Wipes Plus

Ultimately, after evaluating many different ERP solutions, we felt that OptiProERP’s broad suite of capabilities offered us the best opportunity to coordinate all of the elements of our business. As a business that is in high-growth mode, it was important to choose a solution like OptiProERP that’s flexible, that will scale with us, and that is backed by SAP Business One, which gives us a lot of confidence in OptiProERP as well.

– Haley Stockton, Marketing Director, Wipes Plus

SAP Business One for Distribution Functionality

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Financial Management

Financial Management

Speed up transactions and improve cash flow with connected financial operations.

Sales and Customer Management

Sales and Customer Management

Manage the entire customer lifecycle from sale to production to service to support.

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Easily handle the entire procurement process while automatically updating inventory.

Warehouse Management System

Warehouse Management System

Streamline and integrate warehouse operations with supply chain and distribution processes.

Product Configurator

Product Configurator

Easily configure, price, and build configurable products.

E-commerce Integration

E-commerce Integration

Consolidate order, inventory, and customer management in one place.

Electronic Data Interchange

Electronic Data Interchange

Real-time information exchange between trading partners for streamlined communication and reduced time and cost.

Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Customers can easily access and manage their information, and you can request data from them.

Quality Management

Quality Management

Achieve high-quality products with the functionality to meet all your regulatory and compliance needs.

Service Management

Service Management

Effectively manage all aspects of service calls and customer service information.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Real-time visibility into your business performance with the tools to help you make informed decisions.

container mgmt

Container Management

Manage all aspects of shipping and receiving containers.

Distributors have many complexities, such as managing the supply chain, ensuring optimal inventory, and handling e-commerce transactions. They also need to satisfy the increasing demand from customers for more choices, faster deliveries, and lower prices. To effectively manage the complexity, distributors need an ERP system that can give them visibility into operations to provide faster fulfillment, lower costs, and greater customer satisfaction.

SAP Business One for Distribution provides end-to-end visibility and the functionality distributors need to streamline their business for growth. SAP Business One for Distribution keeps your business operating at peak efficiency so you can grow and compete effectively.


We’re eager to work with OptiProERP and SAP because of their vast experience with companies and distribution operations like ours and their innovation in the manufacturing ERP marketplace. Partnering with OptiProERP and SAP to connect and digitize our business, streamline our operations, and strengthen our overall brand experience is just the kind of innovation we need.

– Billy Price, Co-Founder, BILLY Footwear

Critical Challenges Faced by Distributors

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Thin Profit Margins  Thin Profit Margins

Thin Profit Margins

The wholesale distribution industry is very competitive, with little room for error. Therefore, your business must run efficiently, optimize inventory, and minimize inaccuracies to maximize profits. SAP Business One provides functionality that lets you forecast inventory requirements accurately with hindcasting based on historical demand. It also lets you know where inventory is at any given time by tracking and recording stock movements. And SAP Business One for Distribution provides reliable, real-time information about inbound and outbound inventory shipments.

Silos Due to Disparate Systems – warehouse and e-commerce add  Silos Due to Disparate Systems – warehouse and e-commerce add

Silos Due to Disparate Systems

Distributors often start with an accounting application and spreadsheets to run the business. Then, they may add other applications to manage inventory, the warehouse, and e-commerce. But usually, the added software doesn’t integrate or integrates poorly with the accounting software. As a result, redundant data is entered, information is segregated, and there is no real-time visibility of operations. And mistakes get made, it’s challenging to know inventory status, and time is wasted.

No Integration with Business Partners  No Integration with Business Partners

No Integration with Business Partners

If you’re working with a large online retailer like Amazon, you must be able to send invoices quickly to keep payments flowing into the business. Since these big companies often have longer payment terms, you want to ensure they receive your bills fast so you can get paid as soon as possible. If you aren’t on top of invoicing, you may not have the cash flow to fulfill a sudden increase in demand.

Read: EDI is Critical to Successful Supply Chain Management

Poor Inventory Management  Poor Inventory Management

Poor Inventory Management

Inventory is your most important asset as a wholesaler or distributor. You must have reliable, real-time information on safety stock, re-order points, cycle counts, and demand planning. Many distributors try to manage inventory with an inventory management system. But if it’s separated from other operational systems, you can’t determine its status in real-time. Or, if an accounting system like QuickBooks is used with spreadsheets to manage inventory, you would have to update information regularly. And it would take manual entry of data, which is prone to errors, time-consuming, and inefficient.

Inability to Track Quality    Inability to Track Quality

Inability to Track Quality

Pharmaceutical, medical device, and food and beverage distributors need to support a variety of regulatory criteria, particularly in product tracing. However, implementing product serialization, a requirement for product tracing isn’t simple. In addition, you must encourage cooperation from supply chain participants and distribute the non-standard data your partners require to transact business with you.

Poor Visibility and Insight Poor Visibility and Insight

Inadequate Visibility and Insight

Real-time visibility into operations is necessary to remain competitive and achieve maximum profits. That can only be accomplished with integration across the business, so processes flow between departments, and when inventory is bought or sold, it gets updated automatically. It’s also critical to have reporting that can show how the business is performing in any area and at any time.

How SAP Business One for Distribution Helps Wholesalers and Distributors

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  • Achieve real-time visibility across the business and a single version of the truth.
  • Reduce costs using accurate demand forecasts to optimize inventory and control.
  • Pick and ship quickly by knowing the exact location of items in the warehouse(s).
  • Maximize your supply chain using a vendor portal for better vendor partner collaboration and insight.
  • Add revenue streams with the technology to support new business models and customer-centric services.
  • Unify quality and distribution processes for better control and traceability.
  • Increase sales using e-commerce, product customization, and a fast configure-to-quote process.
  • Ensure on-time deliveries and enhanced customer service with shorter lead times.
  • Scale operations with increased productivity and improved business intelligence.
  • Reduce errors with automated processes, end-to-end integration, and increased collaboration.
  • Discover opportunities to increase margins through greater insight and reporting.

Maintain a Competitive Edge

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Customers’ expectations have increased as they have become accustomed to companies like Amazon, where they can easily see if products are available and when delivery is expected. And in this competitive industry, wholesalers and distributors must be able to pivot quickly to keep up with change. SAP Business One for Distribution provides wholesalers and distributors with the agility and functionality they need to maintain a competitive advantage.

Learn more about SAP Business One for Distribution or contact one of our experts to discuss your business challenges.

Maintain a Competitive Edge

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