Supply Chain Management

ERP software for manufacturing and distribution


We needed something more modern where everything – CRM, accounting, production, manufacturing, shipping, and customer service – is connected to gain visibility into what’s happening throughout the organization.

– Paul Jacobs, Operations Manager, EDIC
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Having the right inventory at the right place at the right time means the difference between successfully completing a contract and delivering a finished good, or losing a deal. Properly managing your company’s supply chain is just as important as managing your sales pipeline because if nothing is produced, nothing can be sold.

OptiProERP helps manufacturers and distributors build a dynamic, resilient, and efficient supply chain. OptiProERP provides real-time insight into all supplier transactions, helping you get a clear picture of your supply chain at every level.

  • Pro-active supply chain management
  • Immediate status of your supply chain
  • Real-time vendor performance analytics and dashboards
  • Data sharing and collaboration with suppliers
  • Simplify processes and maximize insight

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