How OptiProERP Integrates SAP Business One With Magento?

How OptiProERP Integrates SAP Business One With Magento

Transformation depends on the way businesses satiate the needs of their valuable customers.

Understanding how to do it is a big task.

Right now, e-commerce is booming. Online business has taken a great jump and this has encouraged usability of open source e-commerce software like Magento and Opencart.

If you are one of those manufacturers who are interested in initiating, expanding, and streamlining the e-commerce business, then you’ve come to the right place.

In this blog, we will discuss how ERP integrates with an e-commerce platform like Magento and the advantages of this integration.

Let’s talk about OptiProERP, an integrated manufacturing ERP solution built on the world-class SAP Business One platform.

With a team of SAP-certified consultants, business professionals, and technology consultants, OptiProERP caters to the various discrete manufacturing industries.

For those manufacturers who are already using Magento and require working with ERP, OptiProERP’s team bridges this gap and makes the ERP integration with Magento an easy task.

Here’s how.

When ERP and e-commerce platforms are seamlessly integrated, it becomes easy for manufacturers to track the actions of customers. For example, if someone orders 500 units from the e-commerce website, a sales order will get created in the ERP, this will get communicated to the specific customer and the necessary business functions can be completed systematically.

Benefits of integrating ERP with Magento

  1. No data redundancy – no manual process

When you are using two different software programs (for example, ERP and Magento) to streamline your business, integration of the two is always a better option. This minimizes employee efforts by providing real-time, consistent data, and eliminates the need to reenter information for improved efficiency and reduced errors.

Data that customers enter on the online platform is also displayed in the ERP system. This eliminates double data entry and saves time.

  1. Reduced time to refill inventory

As noted above, online sales are directly reflected in the ERP software. This makes managing the supply chain easy and streamlined. As soon as you receive an online order, the inventory gets reduced once it is dispatched, at the same time, manufacturers get informed to replenish the inventory. This makes the supply chain quick and efficient.

  1. Better customer satisfaction

With integration, customers are well informed about shipment and delivery dates. They can track orders, make payments and add feedback online at their fingertips. Also, customers can pay online through any mode – credit/debit card, PayPal, check, etc. They can track every stage of order fulfillment with everything shown in the ERP window.

  1. Reduced errors

When employees re-enter web-based (online) orders in the ERP systems, the risk of errors increases. Entering the wrong shipping address, customer ID, or losing track of a long stack of orders is a big NO. Magento ERP integration eliminates the possibility of manual data entry errors.

Integration of SAP Business One and Magento

SAP Business One is a flagship product – one of the most trusted ERP software programs for small and mid-sized businesses. OptiProERP extends the functionality of SAP Business by offering modules specifically designed for manufacturers. Modules include Production, Quality Control, Warehouse Management System, supply chain planning, integration with Magento, Advanced Production Scheduler (APS), and more.

The team of OptiProERP has made it simpler for ERP users to sell online with the help of Magento. To learn more about Magento ERP integration, please feel free to request a demo of OptiProERP.