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About Us


Our Core Mission: Making the Complex Simple


Our Mission

Making the Complex Simple: our mission is to simply empower true business process improvement through our sized-right, leading-edge, and industry-focused ERP solutions. We deliver best-in-class industry solutions on a market-leading platform for growth to empower your near- and long-term success. Our deep manufacturing and distribution solutions, expertise, and innovation are purpose-built to address your unique business and industry needs.

Our Values

Our values are driven by our relentless focus on you, our customers. We provide more than software. We provide solutions. We offer a unique understanding of the needs of manufacturers and distributors and solutions that enable and optimize our customers’ success. Perhaps more importantly, we offer you our time and commitment. Our commitment and partnership is in the form of doing whatever it takes to help you succeed now and in the future. With our focused industry experience, strong collaboration with our customers, and dedicated customer service, we provide high-value, market-leading, and end-to-end solutions for your business.

About Us

Our Technology

Built with SAP Business One at its core, the OptiProERP solution utilizes the SAP SDK (Software Development Kit) to extend and release innovative manufacturing functionality and industry solutions. Designed to scale as your business grows, in the cloud or on-premise, OptiProERP allows you to focus on managing your business instead of your business managing you.

Our Leadership

The OptiProERP team brings decades of actual hands-on industry experience in manufacturing and distribution and software to the table. We cut our teeth in manufacturing – tool and die, engineering, automation and shop floor. We also have over 30 years of experience developing manufacturing software. We draw on this experience to provide unparalleled solutions and service to our customers.

OptiProERP is an industry leading ERP solution for manufacturing and distribution. OptiProERP delivers best-in-class industry functionality embedded into SAP Business One, the market-leading business management platform for small and midsize enterprises. Customers gain an end-to-end business management solution, including financials, accounting, sales, CRM, and industry-specific functionality that fully leverages deep industry expertise of over 20 years dedicated to serving manufacturers and distributors.

OptiProERP is an eWorkplace Manufacturing solution. eWorkplace Manufacturing is SAP’s strategic industry partner for manufacturing and distribution and its first OEM partner as part of SAP’s global PartnerEdge Program. Serving manufacturers and distributors for over 20 years with OptiProERP and BatchMaster as its two ERP solutions, eWorkplace Manufacturing has gained the trust of over 3,000 customers globally.

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