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ERP software for manufacturing and distribution

Marcus Straw

To capture the growth we expect and evolve into a larger company, we need systems and applications like OptiProERP to help us operate more efficiently.

– Marcus Straw, President and CEO, Applied Physics Technologies
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Getting a detailed and accurate picture of your company’s performance is not an easy task, especially if your data is stored on different systems in different locations and needs to be manually compiled every time you need to make a decision. Then once you have the data, you need to understand and make sense of it. Real-time visibility into your business performance and the tools to help you make decisions now are crucial for success.

OptiProERP’s business analytics features provide you with real-time dashboards, reporting, and analysis across all functions in your company. These interactive, role-based dashboards deliver reliable and aggregated data to decision makers – anytime, anywhere, on any device. With OptiProERP, you enable and foster more informed and timely decision-making across your business.

  • Numerous out-of-the-box business intelligence widgets
  • Role-based and configurable widgets
  • Dashboard builder with automated email scheduling
  • Advanced cash flow forecasting
  • Advanced Available-to-Promise
  • Advanced enterprise search
  • “Drag and relate” analytics
  • Interactive analysis with Excel

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