Questions about OptiProERP? We’ve got answers.

Is SAP for small and mid-sized organizations too?

Yes. SAP provides solutions for organizations of all sizes, including startups! With SAP Business One, you get the proven track record of a great platform with the unique focus to your needs.

Is OptiProERP just another SAP Business One add-on?

OptiProERP is a significant extension to SAP Business One to address the very specific needs of Manufacturers and Distributors. OptiProERP adds functionality that extends the SAP Business One database with functionality required for Routing, comprehensive Quality Assurance and Subcontractor Management, advanced scheduling and inventory management and other features critical to operating a manufacturing or distribution business. OptiProERP functionality is indistinguishable from core SAP Business One functionality – same user interface, same drag-and-relate and drill-down behaviors, identical in all respects. That makes OptiProERP is easy to learn and use, especially for anyone already familiar with SAP Business One. Please see our tour pages for a full overview.

I want to focus on business, not IT infrastructure. Is OptiProERP with SAP Business One right for me?

It’s perfect for you. OptiProERP is built to let you focus on your business. OptiProERP gets you up and running rapidly, and then it gets out of your way. With OptiProERP, you eliminate in-house IT support needs, costly upgrades, and in-house storage. OptiProERP also integrates with Microsoft Office, so you can continue working in the systems you already use.

Why deploy my business software in the Cloud?

There are many reasons.

  1. Cloud deployment is faster and less costly. A significantly shorter time to money.
  2. Cloud deployment lets you access information much faster, and, securely.
  3. Cloud software is maintained by the provider (i.e., us).
  4. Cloud software takes the burden of in-house IT off you and puts it on your provider (us, again).
How long does it take to implement OptiProERP?

OptiProERP can be configured in as little as two to eight weeks. We tailor the system to meet your needs with a unique, consultative configuration process unmatched in the market. This ensures you get up and running successfully, rather than simply up and running shortening time to value This is the nature of OptiProERP RACE implementation program.

Are OptiProERP and SAP Business One expensive?

SAP Business One is priced to be attractive to small and medium sized businesses. OptiProERP is in lock-step with SAP on its pricing philosophy to make this solution affordable. The solution can grow in functionality and number of users to accommodate your organization’s growth. Base prices are provided for bundled solutions. Customers can easily add advanced functionality to further extend the solution at any time during the subscription period. You get one vendor and one monthly fee for all the functionality.

Are OptiProERP and SAP Business One scalable?

Yes, OptiProERP supports your evolving business. In addition, SAP Business One is designed for companies with only several employees up to those with hundreds. The system flexibly accommodates your business changes to support as many users and as much work as you require.

Would I have long-term local support and expertise from SAP and OptiProERP?

OptiProERP is equipped to provide a high level of global support to its customers. As a Gold Partner of SAP, we take your investment seriously. Gold Partnership is SAP’s highest level of accreditation for companies like OptiProERP. We take our relationships to both you and SAP as our most important commitment.

My business is outside the United States. Will I get the same support?

Absolutely. OptiProERP has a global reach for services. Our services-oriented implementation process has been carefully crafted to provide a predictable, positive outcome. We will support your organization for both OptiProERP and SAP Business One regardless of your location.

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