White Papers

White Papers

Digital Economy: Doing Business In The Moment

How SMBs run live in the digital economy. The growing SMB-technology relationship. Moving to integrated business management. Becoming data-driven. Running live no matter what size.

Customer 2020: Are You Future-Ready or Reliving the Past?

Ten years of Accenture research highlights real opportunities for providers to better meet customers’ steadily rising expectations. The emergence and evolution of the nonstop customer.

Sharpening the Small Business Competitive Edge

Is the Time Right for the Cloud? Cloud engagements work for big firms – but where are they working for small ones? Cost savings and flexibility encourage Cloud use (Cloud users are more likely to post revenue growth of 10%+!)

People First:The Primacy of People in a Digital Age

Winners in the digital age do much more than tick off a checklist of technology capabilities. They know their success hinges on people.The ability to understand changing customer needs and behaviors is, of course, vital.