Manufacturing ERP

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Simplifying the business of manufacturing

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Handle your needs with one solution

Handle your needs with
one solution

OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing is a fully integrated ERP solution that helps you manage and streamline all aspects of your business with end-to-end manufacturing-specific functionality.

Run your business efficiently and affordably

Run your business efficiently
and affordably

OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing is an intuitive solution with features that provide easy control, clear visibility, and quick insights that help lower costs and increase efficiency.

Power your growth on a scalable platform

Power your growth on
a scalable platform

OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing is built on a best-in-class platform that provides more reliability, flexibility, scalability, and control to ensure you are future-ready.


After pairing down almost a dozen competitors and placing the final two companies in a head-to-head competition, OptiProERP came out on top as our software of choice. Several key parameters, including vast functionality and capability requirements and ROI, cost, and critical quality indices, resulted in the final choice for Solarus. Solarus welcomes OptiProERP into our green energy family and looks forward to a new, growing, and long-term relationship

– Steve DaBose, Plant Manager, Solarus

OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing Functionality

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Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Advanced Planning & Scheduling

Simplifies and enhances the orchestration of your manufacturing processes through robust planning and scheduling capabilities.

Financial Management

Financial Management

Speed up transactions and improve cash flow with connected financial operations.

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Purchasing and Inventory Management

Easily handle the entire procurement process while automatically updating inventory.

Sales and Customer Management

Sales and Customer Management

Manage the entire customer lifecycle from sale to production to service to support.

Material Requirements Planning

Material Requirements Planning

Synchronizes the flow of materials in a deadline-driven order system aligned with the production schedule.

Production Management

Production Management

Coordinates and integrates diverse operations and activities to organize, direct, and control the production process.

Shop Floor Execution

Shop Floor and Quality Control Data Collection

Real-time capture of operation status, quantity produced, passed, defect, or non-conformance.

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Business Intelligence and Reporting

Real-time visibility into your business performance with the tools to help you make informed decisions.

Quality Management

Quality Management

Achieve high-quality products with the functionality to meet all your regulatory and compliance needs.

supply chain management

Supply Chain Management

Keep the supply chain optimized with real-time visibility from end-to-end and effortless collaboration with vendors.

warehouse management

Warehouse Management System

Streamline and integrate warehouse operations with supply chain and distribution processes.

product configurator

Product Configurator

Easily configure, price, and build configurable products.

Service Management

Service Management

Effectively manage all aspects of service calls and customer service information.



Create estimates for existing or custom products and quickly convert them to a bill of materials or sales quotation.



Input, access, and report critical business information in real-time anywhere and on any device.

E-commerce Integration

E-commerce Integration

Consolidate order, inventory, and customer management in one place.

Electronic data interchange

Electronic Data Interchange

Real-time information exchange between trading partners for streamlined communication and reduced time and cost.

customer portal

Customer Portal

Customers can easily access and manage their information, and you can request data from them.

Engineering Change Control

Engineering Change Control (ECC)

Change primary, warehouse-specific, or alternate BOMs and quantity tolerances can also be added to new or existing lines in engineering change orders to affect related BOMs for improved efficiency.

Manufacturers have many challenges, such as forecasting demand, ensuring optimal inventory, keeping production workflow streamlined, and making on-time deliveries.

OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing provides end-to-end visibility and the functionality manufacturers need to optimize their workflow to grow and succeed. It keeps manufacturers operating at peak efficiency so they can compete effectively.

Manufacturers have many challenges

We needed an ERP system that would handle complex manufacturing processes and BOMs, providing a high level of traceability while meeting all regulatory standards. OptiProERP and SAP Business One seemed to combine advanced manufacturing processes and strong financial controls, two critical areas of Qvella. OptiPro was also able to meet all traceability needs and satisfy international regulations. We felt OptiPro hit all the marks, including the “softer” pieces like their willingness to spend time with us before we’d signed up to understand what we wanted, the user-friendliness of the system, the multitude of canned reports, that it’s an “out of the box” system and so on. We also appreciated that they respected our budgetary constraints, demonstrating that they understand working with earlier-stage businesses.

– Michael Fricker, CFO, Qvella

Critical Challenges Faced by Manufacturers

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Thin Profit Margins  Thin Profit Margins

On-time Deliveries

The manufacturing industry is up against many difficulties in keeping product deliveries on time. Navigating a complex supply chain, ensuring inventory needed for production is on hand, planning for demand, and having streamlined production. OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing provides robust Supply Chain Management to receive timely supplies, Inventory Management to know precisely how much inventory is available, Advanced Planning and Scheduling to predict demand and consider scheduling constraints, and Production Management to optimize production resources.

Silos Due to Disparate Systems – warehouse and e-commerce add  Silos Due to Disparate Systems – warehouse and e-commerce add

Silos Due to Disparate Systems

Manufacturers often start with an accounting application and spreadsheets to run the business. Then, they may add another application to manage inventory, but usually, it doesn’t integrate or integrates poorly with the accounting software. As a result, redundant data is entered, information is segregated, and there is no real-time visibility of operations. OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing is an end-to-end solution with a single database. It provides real-time visibility across the organization and easy collaboration for greater cooperation among staff.

No Integration with Business Partners  No Integration with Business Partners


Manufacturers have many things that must coordinate to have an efficient workflow. OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing connects and automates all parts of an organization. It uses industry best practices and has business and industry-specific functionality to help manufacturers enhance productivity across the enterprise. OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing lets companies maximize their resources by ensuring end-to-end efficiency.

Poor Inventory Management  Poor Inventory Management

Inability to Track Quality

Manufacturers must ensure that their products are high-quality for satisfied and repeat customers. OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing has Quality Management functionality to streamline your internal quality and compliance needs, identify quality issues proactively, and ensure high-quality products for your customers. It also reduces the costs incurred by scrapped or reworked goods. OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing allows manufacturers to meet government, industry, and organizational quality standards.

Inability to Track Quality    Inability to Track Quality

Poor Visibility and Insight

Real-time visibility into operations is necessary to remain competitive and achieve maximum profits. That can only be accomplished with integration across the business, so processes flow between departments, and when inventory is bought or sold, it gets updated automatically. It’s also critical to have reporting that can show how the business is performing in any area and at any time. OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing provides deep insight into business operations so you can quickly correct problems and improves processes. It also has interactive, role-based dashboards to deliver reliable and aggregated data to decision-makers – anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

How OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing Helps Manufacturers

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  • Achieve real-time visibility across the business and a single version of the truth.
  • Reduce costs using accurate demand forecasts to optimize inventory and control.
  • Accurate production schedules that balance demand, capacity, and constraints to streamline workflow.
  • Produce high-quality products for increased customer satisfaction and improved business reputation.
  • Pick and ship quickly by knowing the exact location of items in the warehouse(s).
  • Maximize your supply chain using a vendor portal for better vendor partner collaboration and insight.
  • Ensure on-time deliveries and enhanced customer service with shorter lead times.
  • Scale operations with increased productivity and improved business intelligence.
  • Reduce errors with automated processes, end-to-end integration, and increased collaboration.
  • Discover opportunities to increase margins through greater insight and reporting.

Maintain a Competitive Edge

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Manufacturers regularly face obstacles, and they need tools that will allow them to keep their businesses moving forward. They require industry-specific capabilities, efficient operations, and deep analytics to help them compete and grow. OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing gives manufacturers the agility, productivity, and functionality they need to maintain a competitive advantage.

Learn more about OptiProERP with SAP Business One for Manufacturing or, contact one of our experts to discuss your business challenges.

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