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5 Things Manufacturers Should Consider When Selecting a New ERP System


For manufacturers, selecting a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution can be a daunting task. ERP systems have been around for decades and there is a wide range of systems from which you can choose. If you select the right solution, it can help to organize, automate and transform the way you do business. However, if you choose the wrong solution, your company may go down in flames.

There are numerous ERP providers these days offering different software solutions and all claiming that their product is the best in the market. In reality, every company is different and there is no universal “best ERP” solution, you will compromise somewhere. The question to ask is “Which is the best ERP system for my company?” Each manufacturer or distributor has very specific business challenges to solve, and each has different criteria for selecting their perfect solution.

Download this white paper to help guide you along the path of selecting the best ERP application for your company. It provides background information on five important considerations in the ERP selection process.