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Benchmark the Best-In-Class Solution for your IM&C Business

Benchmark the Best-In-Class Solution for your IM&C Business

Industrial Machinery and Components is a huge industry which depends on complex products and manufacturing processes to produce goods. Considering the growing global competition, every manufacturer aims to balance customers’ demand for improved responsiveness and growth. Likewise, Industrial Machinery and Components business requires advanced technology that can drive their business and help them manage the level of complexities.

Heavy-duty machines are used in all industries – in the agricultural sector, power generation, construction, transportation, forestry and many more. From the last couple of years, the IM&C industry has drastically evolved to automate processes using robotics for empowering other sectors with improved production.

IM&C is a capital-intensive industry where mechanical components should withstand the strain and other pressure vessels. There are certain compliance regulations that have to be followed in order to sustain in this industry. Therefore, it is always advisable to invest in a reliable and complete ERP solution which can manage the specific details of the organization so that data redundancy is eliminated, data is unified and secured and the production process is improved.

#IM&C in the Digital Era

Industrial Machinery and Components manufacturing has come a long way in a couple of years. To take advantage of state-of-art technology this world is using, IM&C manufacturers should focus on innovative operational models, aggressive hiring of skilled personnel, targeted investments, and smart partnerships.

Technology provides the strategic advantages to businesses of all sizes. For IM&C manufacturers, it is crucial to innovate their products and services by embracing advanced technology and connectivity. With technology evolving at warp speed, it is expected from manufacturers to increase the breadth of their services, supply chain efficiency and mitigate risks of poor product quality and sluggish timelines.

Manufacturing revolution will enable faster, flexible and more efficient processes to produce quality products in the due course of time. Moreover, new entrants are breaking the traditional manufacturing domains. Big players from all over the world are enthused by the latest technology as it will promote streamlined and smooth operations. From Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cloud technology, and Blockchain, there are many technologies which are used by businesses to deliver significant horsepower.  

#Challenges faced by IM&C manufacturers

  1. Ensuring product quality

Manufacturers must warrant high-quality products to avoid product recalls. Keeping abreast with regulations and maintain product quality is a crucial requirement of IM&C manufacturing. Industrial machinery organizations understand that theirs is a capital-intensive manufacturing process and therefore, seek a complete solution which can promote productivity and timely delivery of tasks.

  1. Innovating while reducing the cost

Lack of innovation is a stumbling block in IM&C manufacturing. Planning, production process, and machine capability should be considered as a top-most priority for businesses. One wrong step and the entire process has to suffer. Stronger collaboration with engineering partners, improved visibility across departments, reduced cost and better optimization of resources are some basic aspects that nurture the productive environment.

  1. Integrating business processes more closely

IM&C is a niche industry and requires complex tasks to be done on time. When there are multiple departments and teams, it becomes difficult for the management to manage team-specific data and resources. It can also create chaos and things may not be on the same page. For example, if sales team is not able to interact with the warehouse personnel, a good sales deal may be lost.     

  1. Global competition

To help combat global competition, you need to create a good rapport in the marketplace. Offering good quality products to the potential customers is one way to do so. The second option that can make your business stand out is by demonstrating deep understanding of your customers’ industry.

#ERP Solution for IM&C Manufacturing Can Take the Hassles Away

Industry-specific solution which supports strong capabilities is all you need to manage the most complex as well as the smallest operation in your business. Generic ERP software is a good fit for many industries but IM&C needs more! Enterprise Resource Planning solution is a suite of business management tools that lays emphasis on unifying the business data and streamlining the business operations.

A complete ERP solution allows businesses to meet the unique needs while managing data, production, quality control, supply chain, procurement, sales, CRM, accounts, and finance. This software helps manufacturers respond to innovation, share risks, reduce the cost of production and meet the deadline without hassles. From controlling documentation, generating sales quotation, invoices, work orders to updating inventory status, tracking labor transaction, and planning materials, this does it all.

ERP offers a wide assortment of features to meet the ever-growing challenges faced by IM&C industry –

  • You can easily perform scheduling and routing during the manufacturing process
  • Sales functionality supports make-to-order and third-party processing
  • ERP lets you manage sales quotation, shipments, invoices and customer’s needs
  • With inventory management functionality, scanning and printing the barcode becomes easy
  • Tracking of lots and batches makes it easy for businesses to record information
  • Managing the test processes and quality assurance process is improved  

OptiProERP is a reliable manufacturing ERP solution, designed by a team of experienced developers and SAP certified professionals who are dedicated to providing the best in class services to their valuable customers. From managing your production capabilities to streamlining the quality control operation and warehouse management, OptiProERP is an ideal software to take away your day-to-day business hassles. To know more about OptiProERP, get in touch with us at info@optiproerp.co.in.