Why Small Manufacturing Businesses Need More Than an Accounting Software?

Why Small Manufacturing Businesses Need More Than Accounting Software

Here’s what you need to know

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If you are a SMB that plans to grow, you need more than just accounting software for manufacturing business! Our business strategist Emily Bronte explains why.

Have you ever felt while managing business processes that you were spinning plates while riding a unicycle? Especially when you are hopping between departments just to keep everything in your business on track?

Many successful businesses use more than just accounting software to manage their everyday business processes. Most of them use ERP software for optimum results. So, we have put together a beginner’s read on why you should invest in an ERP system. Enjoy a cup of your favorite beverage while we take you through a 6-minute must-read blog!

You’re never too small for an Enterprise Resource Planning system

Since every business in today’s landscape needs to grow rapidly, no business is too small for an ERP solution. ERP for small manufacturers lets you operate like an enterprise-scale business with increased clarity by streamlining your everyday business processes. You can transform various facets of your business and overcome challenges involved in business growth.

As the business expands, it becomes time-consuming and difficult to process a larger volume of data. Business processes become much more tedious, especially when each day you have to input sales and purchase orders, update inventory, manually check stock, process billing, and keeping track of all interactions.

Your ERP solution can automate these manual processes, allowing more company time for sales and business development instead of administrative tasks. ERP software provides synchronous workflow.

Are your present operational processes disjointed? If so, you need ERP software.

You’re not alone if you struggle to get your apps to connect or have difficulty keeping track of lots of spreadsheets. These are commonly faced challenges that spur businesses to upgrade to an ERP system. There are several ERP software advantages every manufacturer should know. An ERP system, unlike standalone accounting software, integrates functions across the company seamlessly. It allows you to easily combine disparate operations in a single, centralized workspace to eliminate redundant processes and the risk of data entry errors.

Distinct differences between ERP and accounting software

Recent years have brought a sea of changes in the way business management is evolving. Now think of an ERP solution as a set of Legos with multiple pieces that fit together. The accounting module is just a piece from the Lego set. An ERP system does a lot more than just accounting, covering all facets of a business in one single tool to manage operations across the business. See below:

ModulesAccounting SoftwareERP software
ERP softwareYesYes

 Who uses an ERP?

Everyone who strives to achieve business efficiency!

In the modern-day business scenario, we rely on things being well-connected. The cost and intelligence of business applications in the cloud are worth considering to let your manufacturing business progress at a faster pace. Companies have come to acknowledge the importance of having a cohesive hub for all their business information. With the entire business seamlessly connected, it allows employees to share and use data more productively and in a well-synchronized way!

erp software for manufacturing company

If you are a manufacturer seeking reliable, end-to-end ERP software, OptiProERP is a perfect choice. It manages every operation in one integrated system.

Where to go from here?

If you are in an exploratory phase of choosing small business software, contact us! We have a knowledgeable team of ERP solution advisors to answer any questions you might have! The best part? Our pre-sales consultations are free of charge for you!