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Have you considered the advantages of cloud ERP?

To compete and grow, your company needs an ERP solution that is flexible and agile. Over the past 20 years Cloud ERP solutions have repeatedly proven their superiority in up-time, data security, and agility when compared to on-premise ERP systems. As a result, on-premise applications are quickly becoming a thing of the past.

Your daily focus needs to be on managing your manufacturing or distribution business, not on managing data centers, building ad hoc point solutions, or integrating systems. You just want your systems to work.


If you choose a Cloud ERP solution, the application is hosted and maintained by the software publisher. This means that data security, redundant systems, back-ups and maintenance are not your concern anymore. The cloud publisher is going to be responsible for managing the application, securing your data, and ensuring your ability to access the system 24/7.

A Cloud ERP solution will drastically reduce the time and effort your IT team must spend on managing your systems. Because the publisher uses a professional data center, security and data protection are on a level that most mid-sized companies could not provide on their own.

Another consideration is the different pricing model of the two approaches. While legacy on-premise software is generally priced as an up-front perpetual license fee, cloud software is priced as a subscription. Both pricing models may have recurring fees for support, training and updates, but the up-front investment into an on-premise system is significantly higher due to the cost of the perpetual licenses.  Generally, Cloud Subscriptions are 100% deductible for Tax purposes, while up-front License costs will be depreciated over time. In addition, you may need to buy and maintain legacy hardware to run your on-premise ERP.

Moving your company to a Cloud ERP solution will enable more efficient business operations, which is essential for your company to succeed. OptiProERP is an affordable, modern, end-to-end cloud ERP solution for small to mid-sized manufacturers and distributors. Built on the SAP Business One platform, OptiProERP operates the way a manufacturer needs it to, with deep industry-specific functionality.

The advanced planning tools in OptiProERP let you optimize labor, materials and machine scheduling; and the integrated quality control processes will allow you to exceed your customer expectations with automated inspection strategies to ensure ongoing product quality. With real-time inventory visibility and mobile access, OptiProERP is a solution that will provide you with a clear competitive edge.

It’s time to for you to trade inefficiencies for added productivity, and trade complex workarounds for tailorable solutions. It is time to leave your outdated on-premise products behind for a scalable cloud ERP solution.  It is time for you to work on your business, not in it. OptiProERP makes the complex simple, and its fun to use.

Find out how OptiProERP can transform your business by emailing us at optiproinfo@optiproerp.com or by requesting a product overview.