Next generation erp for manufacturing and distribution

Next Generation ERP for  Manufacturing and Distribution

OptiProERP was designed to supplement the basic functionality of SAP Business One (“traditional” ERP, deep in finance, less so in operations) to build a Next Generation total ERP solution specific to Manufacturing and Distribution companies. These companies’ needs include Routing, Quality Control and Subcontractor Management (a specialized portion of SCM), all addressed thoroughly in OptiProERP. And there’s more, of course, addressed elsewhere in this website and in our literature, webinars and demos.

So first, why deliver OptiProERP exclusively “In The Cloud?” Consider that everyone who uses desktop or portable computers, cell phones or tablets is somewhere between a little to a lot “web-savvy.” What better way to manage your business than to use facilities that are based upon familiar technology and require minimal training for your employees? Using manufacturing ERP in the cloud, you get to:

  • Leave Most or All of the IT to Your Solution Provider
  • Scale-up to Add Users and Functionality Only as Needed
  • Have Confidence that Your Data is Safe, Protected 24/7
  • Access Your Application Anytime, Anywhere for Better-Informed, More Timely Decision-Making
  • Minimize Front-End Investment and Total Cost of Ownership with accelerated implementation and Subscription Pricing

Visibility into and control over your operations are a must in order to stay competitive. Now, with the OptiProERP Cloud solution, you can exercise your prerogatives faster and easier than ever before. You are automatically upgraded to the latest functionality of OptiProERP, including upgrades to the SAP Business One financial/accounting platform, without the need to deploy and maintain on-premise software. You get the capabilities and support you need, when you need it. Exclusively from your OptiProERP team. Exclusively via The Cloud.