Address the Business Needs of Telecommunication Industry with ERP

Addressing the Business Needs of the Telecommunication Industry with ERP

Technology is driving the business world and businesses of all sizes are striving hard to embrace it.

The telecommunications industry contributes significantly to the world economy. Enterprises in this sector manufacture and design a wide range of products – multi-million dollar room-sized switches to basic mobile phones.

To satisfy the needs of this ever-evolving market, there has been an explosion of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. ERP manages a company’s business operations on a single database.

How can ERP bridge the gap in the telecommunication device manufacturing industry?

ERP is comprised of a huge range of powerful business management functionalities seamlessly integrated across the organization for smooth informational flow. It optimizes processes and provides real-time accurate data so managers can make informed decisions. ERP automates processes to eliminate manual entries and reduce errors. An ERP solution for telecommunication device manufacturing comes with the following advantages:

  • Enhanced business insight

ERP lets you access data from across the organization in real-time. It doesn’t matter whether you are working from home, traveling overseas to meet a customer, or sitting in the cafeteria at the office, you can view, edit and manage your tasks in easy-to-use ERP software. OptiProERP with SAP Business One is a reliable ERP solution comprising a variety of business management capabilities that helps you streamline every part of the organization and stay mobile.

It provides a single database and mobile-friendly user interface that drives improvements and lets you address challenges proactively.

  • Reduced operational and management cost

Considering the evolving cloud technology, a majority of organizations are switching to cloud ERP deployment. When the data is stored and managed off-site by the cloud providers, you don’t need to invest in an IT team or spend money on multiple servers. All you need to do is pay a monthly or yearly subscription fee to the cloud provider. Every function is managed remotely in the data centers.

  • Enhanced collaboration

The cornerstone of business collaboration is mobility. With OptiProERP, you can remotely manage invoices, purchase orders, receipts, sales, and marketing content as well as plan capacity and predict availability. And, everyone is working off of a single database with access to accurate real-time information for better communication and decision making.

  • Utmost data security

The telecom industry deals with multiple modular systems that include cabinets, boards, shelves, etc. The larger and more complex products are, the more intricate their data is. Data is an asset that creates business value and should be managed with great care.

When an ERP is deployed in the cloud, business data is backed up at regular intervals, and recovery is ensured. The organization’s data is stored in a central data center and there are multiple levels of data security.

The business value of OptiProERP with SAP Business One

– Real-time data accessibility across the organization

– Meticulous management of regulatory compliance

– Increased bottom-line and time management

– Elimination of manual errors and data redundancy

– Effective management of assets that are related to business plans

– Optimization of business operations

– Effective tracking of inventory

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