OptiProERP Shares How Modern Manufacturers Achieve Future Ready Accounting and Financials

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OptiProERP Shares How Modern Manufacturers Achieve Future Ready Accounting and Financials

White Paper Focuses on Benefits Seen with Industry-Specific Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions

LAGUNA HILLS, Calif. – How can manufacturers access more real-time data across both their financials and their shop floor data? OptiProERP Software Inc., which provides enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology solutions for leading manufacturers, addresses this question and more in its recent white paper, “Future Ready Financials For Manufacturers.”

OptiProERP’s white paper, which is free to download, outlines the four areas where a modern manufacturing ERP should offer accounting and financial information that is critical for a manufacturer’s continued success.

When it comes to financials, many legacy ERP systems only show a ‘snapshot’ of the business at a specific moment in time – which, essentially, is like keeping your business stuck in the ‘90s.
– Sudi Gummi, Director of Marketing, OptiProERP Software Inc.

“These are not repetitious line production companies with few changeovers; they’re dynamic, fast-moving businesses, and they will benefit most from technology solutions that reflect those needs.”

The white paper discusses how immediacy, visibility, and accuracy distinguish modern industry-specific ERP solutions from generic accounting software and legacy ERP, many of which weren’t built for the unique needs of manufacturers. Instead, the reality of today’s manufacturing organizations reflects shorter production runs, frequent product changes and customer expectations for personalization. Immediate access to financial and shop floor data is the order of business, and a manufacturing ERP with industry-specific accounting and financial access is critical to success in the current environment.

Download “Future Ready Financials For Manufacturers” to learn more about how ERP must be built for immediacy and real time visibility.

Siloed information was the biggest challenge facing Xiris. The business had data in disconnected software programs and manually updated spreadsheets. Quoting Fisun again, “Everyone was running around trying to do their best. But with all this paper lying around the office, manual processes were a time-consuming activity. The biggest impact on the business was inefficiency.”

A major consequence of the siloed data was a lack of planning, both in material purchases and production scheduling, resulting in missed deadlines.

From 25 possible vendors, Xiris narrowed its ERP evaluation list to 5 potential solutions: Epicor, Global Shop, Infor VISUAL, abas, and OptiProERP. After a deep search at a functional level, the final selection came down to Epicor and OptiProERP.

The advantages Xiris found with OptiProERP were that it had the strongest MRP module of those we evaluated, and had superior production scheduling. Its fully-featured CRM module was superior to Epicor and all the others. The biggest thing was that it had the most competitive pricing for the same functionality.
– Maxim Fisun, Financial Controller, Xiris

Travis Poe HendRx

This led us to start looking for a new solution and we had a business advisor who was a supply chain guy from Boeing. He came in to give us a hand and looked at our inefficiencies. The number one thing he said was to get a system that will give you visibility.
– Travis Poe, Facility Director/Founder, HendRx

Xiris found the Sales Team from OptiProERP very helpful, Fisun noted. “The OptiProERP team was very flexible and a good source of information, able to answer every single question.”

Currently, Xiris is expanding its business globally. They have an office in Germany, with sales agents in India and China, and are adding representation in Malaysia.

About Xiris Automation Inc.

Xiris Automation, Inc. makes optical metrology equipment that uses Machine Vision technology to connect cameras to computers for the purpose of recognizing, identifying, measuring or detecting features in manufactured goods for process or quality control.

About OptiProERP

OptiProERP is an innovative, industry leading software company focused on ERP manufacturing and distribution solutions. In addition to the deep industry functionality found within the OptiProERP solution, it also embeds the SAP Business One platform, the market leading platform for small and midsize enterprises. Customers gain an end-to-end ERP solution, including financials, accounting, sales, and CRM and manufacturing functionality that fully leverages deep industry knowledge and expertise.

OptiProERP is the first OEM partner of SAP’s Partner Edge Program and the only one exclusively focused on the manufacturing and distribution industries. OptiProERP and sister company, BatchMaster, are eWorkplace Manufacturing companies and leading global providers of mission-critical, industry-focused Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solutions. Together, they have more than 3,000 customers globally and more than 400 employees. OptiProERP is a U.S.-based company located in Laguna Hills, California. For more information, visit www.optiproerp.com.

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