C&C Manufacturing chooses OptiProERP as critical foundation to help it scale

C&C Manufacturing chooses OptiProERP as critical foundation to help it scale

C&C Manufacturing chooses OptiProERP as critical foundation to help it scale

Landfill and Snow Removal Firm C&C Manufacturing Taps OptiProERP for Growth

C&C Manufacturing

Al-jon branded equipment maker streamlining back office for more efficient operations

Irvine, CA – Sept. 10, 2023When your snow removal equipment helps clear airport runways in eight minutes, and your landfill compaction machines turn two feet of trash into two inches, you need your back-office systems to run just as efficiently.

That’s why C&C Manufacturing has selected OptiProERP with SAP Business One as its ERP.

“Our current MRP (Materials Resource Planning) tool is not built for an OEM manufacturing environment, but a job-based environment,” says David Bradford, President of the Ottumwa, Iowa company.

“One of the things we wanted in our search for a new ERP was to be able to track from Quote-to-Cash all of the steps that it takes to produce a final production machine with multiple bills of materials and one that our salesmen can use in the field to quote; and then all the way out through the production floor and inventory management through to service and parts after the sale.”

C&C Manufacturing makes the well-known Al-jon equipment that crushes cars to recycle steel and aluminum. It also makes three different models of Al-jon landfill compactors that can uniformly compress two feet of material into two inches for better storage for municipalities.

The Al-jon crushers and compactors often use Italian-made Bonfiglioli sheers and shredders, of which C&C is the full-service distributor of the Italian company’s products.

C&C Manufacturing also manufactures high-speed airport snow removal machines that are as big as a 3-bedroom house with up to three diesel engines, which, when used with other equipment, can clear a runway in eight minutes. It builds massive machines with some 8,000 parts in six to 10 months. Tracking all those parts and subsequent manufacturing steps requires a massive effort, one that’s currently too manual and prone to errors.

The 60-year-old company recently received an investment from Equivu Capital and Holdings, to help support its growth.

C&C Manufacturing uses its legacy jobsite application, QuickBooks, and many spreadsheets to run its operations. These systems often require duplicate efforts and are not easily accessible at a customer site.

“From the end of 2021 to the end of 2022, we grew 50 percent in volume, which stretched our small team,” Bradford says. “Handling all of that growth and managing the data through multiple spreadsheets leaves us open to keying errors. We wanted something that runs end-to-end.”

After an extensive evaluation process by a cross-functional team that built a weighted decision analysis tool, viewed numerous demos, vetted references, and scored the suppliers, the team narrowed its list of potential suppliers from 10 to 5 to 1. They selected OptiProERP with SAP Business One.

“OptiProERP was the clear winner,” says Bradford, who previously navigated three other ERP selections. “They had a demonstration of performance, a product that was easy to use throughout all stages, and we aren’t going to need a separate reporting app to get the reports we need in a timely fashion.”

The team also liked OptiProERP’s partnership with SAP Business One and that it offered an “All-In” three-year cost that included implementation. Bradford said that having an All-In cost was important because the team wanted to avoid choosing a supplier with an initial low cost only to be forced into higher fees later.

Efficient and Effective Manufacturing Operations

Once implemented, the C&C Manufacturing team looks forward to using a single, connected manufacturing system that provides real-time information and data to create a more effective organization.

“We are a factory-direct OEM, and the key to being successful is giving sales good and up-to-date information promptly when they are talking to customers,” Bradford says. “They won’t be handling separate spreadsheets but will have key, up-to-date information accessible from the field.”

The field service team will be able to pull data through OptiProERP’s mobile application, allowing them to create purchase orders that drive purchasing and inventory. With one version of the truth, the company will be able to better manage inventory, including allocating parts separately for manufacturing and the after-sale service team.

C&C Manufacturing follows Lean Six Sigma practices, and Bradford looks forward to being much more streamlined. “With what I’ve seen in OptiProERP demos, we’ll be able to give our employees the tools they need when they need so they can perform their jobs efficiently. That allows our workforce to be more efficient and effective.”

For more information about C&C Manufacturing, visit www.aljon.com

C&C Manufacturing

About OptiProERP

OptiProERP is an industry-leading ERP solution for manufacturing and distribution.

OptiProERP delivers best-in-class industry functionality embedded into SAP Business One, the market-leading business management platform for small and midsize enterprises. Customers gain an end-to-end business management solution, including financials, accounting, sales, CRM, and industry-specific functionality that fully leverages deep industry expertise of over 20 years dedicated to serving manufacturers and distributors.

OptiProERP is an eWorkplace Manufacturing solution. eWorkplace Manufacturing is SAP’s strategic industry partner for manufacturing and distribution and its first OEM partner as part of SAP’s global PartnerEdge Program. Serving manufacturers and distributors for over 20 years with OptiProERP and BatchMaster as its two ERP solutions, eWorkplace Manufacturing has gained the trust of over 3,000 customers globally.

About C&C Manufacturing

C&C Manufacturing, based in Ottumwa, Iowa, is a leading manufacturer of the Al-jon brands of landfill compactors, car crushers, and metal bailing equipment, as well as Vammas airport snow removal equipment, with service and support worldwide for all product lines. C&C Manufacturing also serves as the sole U.S. distributor of Bonfiglioli “Squalo” portable guillotine shears for cutting sheet metal and Drake metal shredders.

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