“OptiProERP with SAP Business One seemed to be a combination of advanced manufacturing processes and strong financial controls, two areas that were key. OptiProERP was also able to meet all of the traceability needs and satisfy international regulations.”

Michael Fricker

CFO, Qvella


A fast-growing medical device company, Qvella Corp., was about to transition from beta into full-scale commercial production and it needed an ERP system to help them scale. Their highly regulated and mission-critical processes, documentation, and traceability required a system with robust functionality.

Michael Fricker, CFO, looked at many ERP systems including Acumatica, before choosing OptiProERP with SAP Business One. None of the others could meet the advanced manufacturing functionality that OptiProERP provided.

Qvella’s seasoned management team, all of whom have previously used ERP systems, liked that OptiProERP is user-friendly and has out-of-the-box functionality. They are highly confident the system will meet all of their challenges.


“We needed an ERP system that could handle the complexities of our products, meet our regulatory compliance, and that can truly scale up with us as we grow our business. Having the right ERP system as a core piece of our operational foundation is critical to managing high growth and our ultimate success.”

Michael Fricker

Qvella Corp.

Qvella developed technology that enables the rapid detection of infectious agents in a direct blood sample. The company is helping to shorten diagnostic time frames and lower costs in an attempt to save lives.

They needed an ERP system that could meet all regulatory standards such as FDA and MDSAP in an ISO13485 environment. Qvella liked that OptiProERP spent time understanding its business and appreciated that OptiProERP had its own knowledgeable implementation team.

OptiProERP is providing Qvella with an operational foundation that is critical to managing its high growth and ultimate success. It provides Qvella with the critical reports needed for their industry and satisfies their complete business management needs.