EPC Power

“OptiProERP provided a great deep dive, showing us every module, and every line item mapped to our processes. Their technical person did a great job answering all of our questions, and made everyone feel comfortable that our processes could work in the system.”

Eli Aharon Ezer

ERP Project Manager, EPC Power Corp.

North America’s largest energy storage inverter manufacturer, EPC Power, was looking to replace Odoo, its legacy ERP system. With a third manufacturing plant getting ready to open, they needed a modern solution with the manufacturing functionality to handle their operations.

Odoo was restricting EPC Power with its limited capabilities and slow processing speed. They evaluated many well-known ERP systems, but were pleased with OptiProERP’s deep dive demo that showed them how each module functioned.

EPC Power liked that everything is streamlined without any intermittent steps. They also liked that the system lets them completely define their processes and achieve the reports needed with well-formatted data.

Eli Aharon Ezer

“We are also looking forward to restructuring our BOM and have a configurator so we can say we want the product to be this color or stainless steel and the BOM would be automated and generate work orders.”

Eli Aharon Ezer

ERP Project Manager
EPC Power Corp.

EPC Power, based in California and Finland, is expanding to South Carolina, more than doubling its production space. EPC Power’s products are brand-labeled by major corporations, and larger manufacturers, including Lockheed Martin, use their products in their own manufacturing processes.

EPC Power’s existing ERP software, Odoo, was slow and lacked front-end configurators, accounting traceability, and after-sales service. Employees often waited for 20 to 30 minutes for something to load in Odoo, and that really hurt morale.

They now have automation across the organization and a product configurator module to help them customize products, automate BOMs, and generate work orders.