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“In order to capture the growth we are expecting and to evolve into a larger company, we need to have systems and applications like OptiProERP in place to help us operate more efficiently.”

Marcus Straw

President & CEO,
Applied Physics Technologies

Applied physics

Applied Physics Technologies is a world leader in the design and manufacturing of thermionic and field emission cathodes for microscopes and 3D printers. It was struggling with disconnected, outdated, and unsupported systems.

APTech knew they needed a modern and more complete system. They wanted a product that was easy to use and could scale with their growth.

They chose OptiProERP as an established provider with lots of knowledge, experience, and best practices they could leverage. Read below to learn more about their decision and how OptiProERP is helping their business.

Marcus Straw

“OptiProERP is an established provider with lots of knowledge, experience and best practices we can leverage. We liked that OptiProERP uses SAP, which our parent company uses, albeit an enterprise version, and that OptiProERP has an internal implementation team – no third parties.”

Marcus Straw

President and CEO,
Applied Physics Technologies

APTech, whose customers include Themo Fisher Scientific and its parent company Hitachi, was running on Sage ERP and IQMS as its MRP. They suffered from redundancy, double entry of data, and lots of errors.

APTech reviewed many other ERP systems before selecting OptiProERP with SAP Business One. They liked the product’s ease of use, modern technology, scalability, and manufacturing functionality. They were excited to have everything on one platform that could support their future growth.

OptiProERP has helped APTech streamline its processes, save time with efficiencies, and keep a clear division of staff and new roles as the company adds more employees. With greater optimization they can expand more easily into new product lines.