“We need to consolidate our coil, furnace, and distribution operations into one system that’s easy to use and OptiProERP checked all the boxes.”

Justin Martin

Vice President, AllStyle Coil Company

AllStyle Coil Company
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AllStyle Coil Company, the largest independent coil manufacturer in the United States and a leader in HVAC innovation, has run on the IBM AS400 for years. The family-owned business has grown from a 40,000-square-foot to an 800,000-square-foot manufacturing facility.

AllStyle tried to deploy Global Shop Solutions, but it was too rigid, and they couldn’t use it effectively. Their AS400 had also become too expensive to maintain. They looked for a system that could handle their business from end to end and give them the necessary manufacturing functionality. They evaluated Plex, NetSuite, and several other ERP systems.

AllStyle chose OptiProERP with SAP Business One, replacing multiple systems. They chose OptiProERP for its simplicity, flexibility, and ability to handle all their business and manufacturing processes. Read how AllStyle Coil plans to improve their business with the software’s automated business and manufacturing capabilities.

Justin Martin

“With OptiProERP we have a customer portal so customers can sign in and see and track orders, which will automate the process. We will be able to give them a better timeline and set expectations appropriately. In addition, we can see everything and can be more transparent.”

Justin Martin

Vice President, AllStyle Coil

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OptiProERP is helping AllStyle Coil eliminate duplicate manual entries, provide customers with real-time updates on orders, and have deeper visibility into financial operations. Inventory counts are now automated, significantly reducing errors.

Additionally, with all data housed in one system, anyone can find order statuses instantly without physically tracking down a purchase order and going to manufacturing to see where it is on the production schedule.

AllStyle Coil has plans to adopt a customer portal integrated with OptiProERP so customers can see and track orders. With OptiProERP, they are now able to provide customers with accurate product timelines and set appropriate expectations.