ERP for Manufacturers & Distributors
Making the Complex Simple

ERP for Manufacturers & Distributors

ERP for Manufacturers

OptiProERP with SAP Business One is an affordable, reliable ERP solution for small to mid-sized discrete manufacturers and distributors. Built by manufacturers for manufacturers, OptiProERP for manufacturers operates the way a manufacturer needs it to. See how a user-friendly cloud ERP intuits what you need to simplify your complex manufacturing operations. Making the complex simple.

ERP for Manufacturers

Built On SAP Business One

More than 50,000 users worldwide choose SAP Business One. Why? Because SAP Business One is the leading, proven business platform for small to midsized companies. OptiProERP was one of the first companies to sign an OEM agreement with SAP Business One. This agreement embodies our commitment to provide you the full power of SAP Business One, plus the added value of ERP features specific to discrete manufacturing and distribution operations.

OptiProERP: Making the Complex Simple

OptiProERP is cloud based. This means you get lower cost with more value. OptiProERP simplifies common challenges today’s discrete manufacturers and distributors face, including:

  • SIMPLER DECISION – Confidence to Commit: SAP’s historically significant and ongoing investment in SAP Business One gives you confidence to commit to the future-proofed platform upon which OptiProERP sits. Our ‘best of breed’ OptiProERP solution helps you realize huge efficiency through its seamless integration with the SAP Business One platform.
  • SIMPLER DEPLOYMENT — Faster ROI: OptiProERP’s rapid implementation process RACE significantly reduces time to money. Some customers are up and running in as little as two weeks.
  • SIMPER PROCESSES — Optimized Processes: OptiProERP automates and streamlines business processes, so your business runs faster and more profitably.
  • SIMPLER MAINTENANCE — Always Current: OptiProERP keeps you on the latest version through seamless cloud updates. You focus on the nuts and bolts while we focus on the IT.
  • SIMPLER FUTURE — Scalability: OptiProERP future-proofs your business with a modular, open architecture that can grow as you grow, where you grow.

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