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Discrete manufacturing ERP
OptiPro is designed with core understanding of discrete manufacturing- production of individual or separate units. OptiPro supports various discrete manufacturing environments like make-to-stock (using either a highly repetitive or process order-based system) or make-to-order, assemble-to-order, or engineer-to-order, one-off or job shop environment.
OptiPro has a wide experience of serving makers of consumer electronics, computer and accessories, appliances, and other household items, as well as manufacturers of consumer and commercial goods like cars and airplanes, mobile devices, apparels, medical equipment & instruments, furniture, and more. It is one flexible system that simplifies assembling, improves quality, reduces time-to-market and cuts costs.OptiPro offers a portfolio of functionalities supporting your unique needs.

Are you a discrete manufacturer struggling with continuously changing customer requirements?

  • Does your existing system fail to meet your multi-level and complex Bill-of-Material requirements, devise assembly structures and engineering change notices?
  • Tired of dealing with insufficient planning and poorly-crafted long run business strategy?
  • Are you exhausted coping manually with an increasing customer demands & expectations?
  • Do you need to reduce assembly line down- time, inventory or production carrying costs?
  • Is your business lacking day-to-day operational visibility?
  • Do you find collaborating resources with suppliers and vendors difficult?
  • Is Industry compliance with international standards a prime concern for you to withstand global competition?
  • If yes, then re-engineer your business with OptiPro ERP.

Why OptiPro is the best ERP Solution for discrete manufacturing?
  • Handles complex and multilevel BOMs
  • Simplifies model changes based on customer demand through Engineering Change Notices
  • Tracks product advancement and movements with Routing
  • Accurately costs your products and allows what-if cost analysis also
  • Complete Sales and procurement handling
  • Providing optional quality checks at various stages of supply chain
  • Offers Lot Recalls, Lot traceability and lot explosion
  • Other capabilities like built-in Lead Times, Serial/Lot Handling, Sales Configuration, Shop Floor Monitoring etc. meet customer and production due dates
  • Customer Relationship Management, Dashboards and embedded Business Intelligence cater to the various reporting needs of all levels

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