Implementation Services

OptiPro Software has tuned and perfected its proprietary Rapid Implementation Procedures (“RIP”) methodology to assure consistent deployments in what is usually around half the time that could be expected. This methodology calls for first, the full implementation of all or select portions of the foundation application, SAP Business One, then the staged addition of selected OptiPro extensions to SAP Business One. More time is spent on Discovery and Training, less on thrashing as the hardware and software foundation is known (provided by hosting organization), little to no involvement of customer IT is required, a conference room pilot can be set up earlier in the process for testing and familiarity and full deployment and Go-Live is achieved in weeks instead of months. This saves our customers time and money and, most important, minimizes conversion time from legacy systems and procedures that can bleed the enthusiasm and commitment from the new system.

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Support Services

OptiPro Software has built up a qualified, motivated and energized staff to provide 24/7 support. In addition, the company has contracted with only the leading providers of hosting services to assure our customers have high uptime and real-time backups for immediate disaster recovery, both. The transition from Go-Live to Support is complete and immediate.