OptiProERP Manufacturing


Optimized Production and Quality

Bring advanced agility and efficiency into your production. The OptiProERP manufacturing extension automates and accelerates your manufacturing business from production scheduling through quality assurance. Learn more how OptiProERP helps you better manage supply chain, quality, routing, subcontractors, reporting and more.

Production Scheduling

Advanced Production Scheduling
Work center management identifies capabilities and capacities. Calendars support multiple shift plans. Sequencing and resource management, including subcontracted work, routes tooling and materials for optimal efficiency.

Advanced Inventory Management

Advanced Inventory Management
Inventory tracking shows immediate and accurate stock levels on inbound, in-house, transfer and outbound items. Supported valuation methods include standard cost, moving average, FIFO, FEFO, LIFO and many more. Dashboards enable quick report generation. Safety stock, sealed stock, max-min and other supported strategies help manage inventory levels.