About ShipStation

Import, manage, and ship your orders with ShipStation, the #1 shipping software of online sellers.

  •   Import orders from wherever you sell: Amazon, eBay, Etsy, Walmart, your own shopping cart, and over 60 other selling channels
  •   Create shipping labels and ship with 30+ domestic and international carriers
  •   Automate nearly every step of your shipping process with presets and rules
  •   Batch print hundreds of shipping labels with a few clicks
  •   Promote your brand on notification emails, tracking pages, labels, and more.

OptiProERP + ShipStation

The OptiProERP-ShipStation integration gives you a single business management and eCommerce management platform. OptiProERP seamlessly connects to ShipStation, eCommerce solutions, and EDI integrations giving you a single system to orchestrate your end-to-end processes from orders across channels to fulfillment and a single system of record. This allows you to:

  •   Streamline, automate, and orchestrate your processes from order to fulfillment more easily and efficiently with less manual work
  •   Better control and deliver an improved omnichannel experience throughout the customer journey
  •   Ship faster to your customers
  •   Connect and bring closer the fulfillment process to your business, distribution, and manufacturing operations
  •   Gain easy access to real-time insights across the company with a single source of truth/system of record
  •   Scale with more process automation and orchestration from a single system
Optiproerp Shipment Connector