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Quality Management

ERP software for manufacturing and distribution


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Continuously delivering high quality products in today’s complex manufacturing environment can be a challenge for small and midsized manufactures. The key to avoid returns or scrap is to use quality control as a basis to improve your processes, thereby ensuring quality products and avoiding costly waste.

OptiProERP’s rich quality control features provide best practice processes for quality assurance and quality control. Comprehensive test and subtest plans capture attributes and characteristics. Actual dimensions are compared to tolerance specifications with automatic pass/fail.

  •   AQL, RQL, customer / vendor-specific sampling
  •   100% Inspection
  •   Defining capture points
  •   Data capture as part of SPC
  •   Flexible definition of quality test plans and sub test plans
  •   Extensive quality analysis and dashboards
  •   Support for compliance
  •   Material Review Board (MRB)

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