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Unpacking the Benefits of ERP in Wholesale and Distribution Industry

Unpacking the Benefits of ERP in Wholesale and Distribution Industry

Ever since the commencement of the commercial aura, wholesalers and distributors have served a crucial role in the product distribution channel. As the technology has evolved exponentially, distribution businesses have witnessed ample of opportunities and complexities. Nowadays, consumers have become more tech-savvy. They’ve got the mobile devices and internet connection that allow them to order a huge range of products – grocery, home décor, food items and other luxury items at their fingertips – these products are delivered at their doorsteps within a few days.

Online business and wholesale and distribution industry go hand in hand. Every second, every minute retailers are browsing the B2B e-commerce portal, finding the required product and ordering it on the portals (if they find it a good deal).

To deliver the selected goods on time and at the right address, the company should keep on updating the information in real-time. For example, if a person A ordered 100 items then your sales team should have the access to update pricing, see product availability and other pieces of information. From warehouse transfer to inbound and outbound transfers, every aspect should be tracked well.

Let’s see how a software can manage your key operations in wholesale and distribution sector. 

The world of wholesale, retail, and distribution has entered an era of drastic transformation. Presently, approx. 92% of wholesalers and distributors are using an ERP software. To be precise, ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning software is a business management tool that encompasses an extensive range of features for simplifying production, QC, supply chain management processes and other back office activities.

This was just a bird’s-eye view of it. When we talk painstakingly about the roles and features of ERP, there are multiple modules & features such as Quality Management, CRM, Barcoding and Scanning, WMS, HR management, e-commerce solution and other reporting/analytics tools for making day-to-day operations simple.

With ERP, wholesalers and distributors can keep inventory as low as possible while minimizing stock-outs, track thousands of orders while saving time, minimize overhead cost and promote customer satisfaction.


No wonder wholesale and distribution are the industries where tracking a wide range of activities or products in distribution networks is a necessity. In order to stay competitive, business owners have to be watchful and should have a whole picture of the entire organization. With real-time visibility comes improved business productivity and enhanced delivery schedules. It lets you keep a check on what is happening on the shop floor, how many parts are stocked to fulfill the order, manage capacity to schedule orders, assign tasks, review it and what not?

Better inventory management

It goes without saying that inventory is the bedrock of distribution and wholesale industry. You should have the stock in your warehouse when a customer needs it; however, the number of days of the stocked inventory should not be exceeded, depending on the entrepreneur’s strategies. With an ERP software, you get access to automated inventory management tools that facilitate paperless transactions and traceability of shipped and procured goods at different warehouses. There are some software like OptiProERP powered by SAP Business One that allows users to perform bin transfer, warehouse transfer operations, label printing and so on.

Demand and supply chain strategies

Considering the emerging technologies and revamping consumer shopping experiences, demand and supply chain strategies should be taken care of in the best possible manner.

Demand planning capabilities can undoubtedly improve the way you store goods in the warehouse. For wholesalers and distributors, it is necessary to keep up with the customer orders and deliverables so that customers should not drive away due to your poor planning.

Improved Operations

With a powerful ERP solution such as OptiProERP, wholesalers and distributors can see a clear picture of picking, packing, dispatching, procurement, clean-up, put-away, shipping and other daily operations. OptiProERP with SAP Business One is a smart, intelligent and easy to navigate ERP solution that allows users with any technical competency to work smartly and accomplish the given task accurately with utmost precision. From entering the sales order to printing and publishing other confirmations, OptiProERP offers rich features to B2B manufacturers and distributors. Here is a list of certain key features included with OptiProERP–

–    Marketing and promotions

–    Catalog management

–    Customers account

–    Order management

–    Analytics and reporting

–    Responsive design

–    Customer service

Look for more perspectives and find out the key strategies that can enable companies to collaborate and unify every operation together. An ERP lets you seamlessly capture, manage and generate reports, eliminate errors and redundancy of data, define locations and perform every task at the click of a button. To know more about how this manufacturing ERP solution can help your business eliminate the roadblocks and create a productive environment, feel free to visit https://www.optiproerp.com/in or email @ optiproinfo@optiproerp.com.