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The price and wisdom of business applications in the cloud

The price and wisdom of business applications in the cloud

Cloud computing is a prevalent buzzword among businesses and technology professionals. The real question for many IT technologists is whether the cost of transition to cloud applications will be low enough to benefit from the usual practices? Or would it be costly to delay this investment and have a significant ROI?

The benefits of cloud computing are touching almost every business by letting you access software delivered through the internet from any location and through different devices. This is revolutionizing business collaboration strategies altogether. While enterprises are facing an urgent need to pivot their traditional business practices; digital transformation is the path to make this change, a reality – ‘Cloud’ is one of the key drivers of this transition.

The wisdom behind cloud computing-

Did you know that 91% of businesses said that the cloud makes it easier to meet government compliance requirements?

Being on-cloud saves you from the hassles of investing in IT resources. This lets you be agile and flexible as a company. In fact, along with the flexibility, the cloud offers you scalable services and helps you effectively scale resources based on requirements.

In fact, at one point it became difficult for organizations to keep all their business-relevant information and systems up and running in an in-house computer server. The solution for this critical problem is cloud-computing. Now, this too operates on a similar value allowing users to access all information without keeping the bulk of that system on their own computers. In fact, most of us have been using a variety of cloud services without even realizing it; such as the email services and social media sites.

Another major benefit is security. Did you know that 94% of businesses improved their IT security after switching to cloud? Think about your data being stored in-house, where you are constantly facing the risk of losing all your critical information due to data breaches or unexpected system shutdowns. But on-cloud, you can easily create multiple backups of your data.

What could be a better way of business collaboration?

The digital transformation of cloud computing has allowed the files to be accessed from any place and at any time. It has now become easy and possible to control the level of authority of the user for optimal delegation. Overall cloud has helped create an atmosphere of collaboration across the organization. All these benefits clearly indicate that the cloud is a logical and optimal solution for those planning for a digital transformation across their businesses.

ERP budgeting

#Flexibility #Mobility #Insight = Price Savvy

In the times of evolving technologies, we’re often challenged with making business decisions that affect our growth and bottom line. Our objectives are driven by solving problems and collaborating seamlessly by always staying under budget. In fact, Gartner’s IT Budget report reflects that companies spend 75% of their budgets on maintaining internal systems.

Your bottom line will love you for this-

Cloud services take advantage of scale and reliability and there is no need to update software internally. This is done automatically!

Worried about the price tag that comes with switching over to cloud? Don’t be.

The moment you weigh the advantages of using the on-cloud services especially while evaluating ERP budgeting, there are more factors than just the initial price. Being on-cloud gives an easy access to your company’s data that further saves time and money.

  • Flexibility
    You get more flexibility with cloud versus hosting business on a local server. This makes a visible difference seen in the overall efficiency of your organization. 65% of respondents said that ‘the ability to quickly meet business demands’ was one of the most important reasons a business should move to a cloud environment.
  • Mobility
    If you have a staff with busy schedules or working remotely, the cloud feature keeps you connected with your coworkers. Using cloud technologies, you can easily access information for a smarter work-life balance.
  • Insight
    It has become easy to implement tracking mechanisms and eventually analyze information organization-wide. And with those insights, you can improve efficiencies and make an action plan to meet your goals.

During the initial stages of the choosing your cloud-based business software such as an ERP, you’re probably wondering how much ERP cost would be. If you are growing your company and are looking for a cloud ERP with the best ERP pricing, a cloud-based intranet or an on-cloud enterprise collaboration app to make for cost-effectiveness, flexibility, scalability, and speedy success. Get in touch with us today!

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