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Can Tally ERP and SAP Business One be Compared?

Can Tally ERP and SAP Business One be Compared?

Not everyone on this planet is blessed with the knack of managing the nitty-gritty of manufacturing industry. If you are one of those business owners who runs a manufacturing or distribution business and is striving hard to outpace the competition by efficient performance, then a full-fledged software is the key.

In this highly dynamic and ever-evolving IT environment, it is necessary to have an ideal software solution that can manage the operations well and enable the organization to make well-informed and strategic decisions. There are many vendors in the market who aim to develop and offer distinct software for manufacturing as per your specific requirements, but choosing the most suitable software for your company is quite a mind-boggling task.

One of the common questions that businesses ponder upon is whether they should opt for a Tally.ERP 9 or SAP Business One. Certainly, the needs and requirements of businesses differ from one another. A set of tools that is suitable for organization X might not work well with the second organization.

Introduction to Tally.ERP 9 and SAP Business One

When we talk about Tally.ERP 9, it is an Indian business management software that primarily focuses on GST, accounting, inventory, payroll & other back-office functions. Tally.ERP 9 powers a major percentage of the Indian small businesses.

This software lets you manage your accounting operations, minimize the chances of GST returns, determine direct & indirect taxes, synchronize data, manage payroll, sales, inventory and accomplish other tasks seamlessly. In a nutshell, it predominantly focuses on the business accounting and finance.

On the other hand, SAP Business One is a complete scalable enterprise resource planning software that automates front-office and back-office functions including financial management, accounting, inventory management, production, supply chain planning, administration, purchase, sales – to name a few. This is a comprehensive solution that encompasses all the key functions of Tally.ERP 9 plus other advanced operations that are performed on a day-to-day basis.

Comparison of Tally.ERP 9 and SAP Business One

SAP Business One – it is an internationally-acclaimed trusted ERP solution that is appreciated and accepted by the global audience. It is a complete suite of software that handles every bits and piece of the organization.

Tally.ERP 9it has evolved from a basic accounting software into a simple and basic business management tool for small-scale businesses. It is unfair to call Tally.ERP 9 as a comprehensive ERP solution.


In the year 2015, SAP Business One reached a major milestone by logging its 50,000th customer. With a standard encryption communication channel, it complies well with the global regulations which are necessary for data security and privacy. The software is safeguarded against the brute force attacks and security breaches. Undoubtedly, SAP Business One is highly secured and dynamic solution for small and mid-sized businesses.

On the contrary, Tally.ERP 9 is comparatively a less secure platform. Tally.NET is secured by Tally Solutions and it ensures that nobody gets access to the data; however, still, the data gets transferred over the web in many cases. With multiple company options, including personal accounts, business owners need to control which user should get the access and to perform what function.

Third-party software support

SAP Business One strongly supports third-party software. One of the examples of this is OptiProERP. It is an extended version of SAP Business One which includes a wide array of modules and functionalities that can fill the gaps faced by SMBs. Global SAP partners have designed industry-specific functions that are required for particular industries.

Tally is not very good as SAP Business One when it comes to third-party software support as it is developed with a core proprietary engine. The software cannot handle plenty of data at once, as compared to the aforementioned software.

Training and learning

When we talk globally about SAP Business One, it is hard to find the consultants and trained staff; it’s a costly affair. One cannot learn SAP software independently – the trainee has to undergo proper training and assessment so as to grasp & learn its dynamic functionalities. And all the money, time and efforts you put in learning SAP Business One is worth it!

Tally internally supports jobs and recruitment section. It is easy to find trained staff, especially in India. Any person, whether from a technical or non-technical background can its modules and functions can go through its help files online. You don’t need to go through professional training sessions.


A modern software solution is based on three-tier architecture. Three tier architecture comprises a presentation tier, a business or data access tier, and an application tier. It reflects high performance, scalability, tight data integration, improved security, easy maintenance and better flexibility. You’d be glad to know that SAP Business is built on a three-tier technology that is entirely based on coding. Here, data can be validated at the entry level, wrong data can be automatically substituted and tasks can be assigned with just a few clicks.

Tally.ERP 9 is developed on two-tier technology and hence, its performance degrades with the increasing users. It is a code-less system that has certain limitations, namely – one cannot validate or substitute the data, data cannot be processed in the background, performance will be affected as more users are added in the software and the size of data increases.

Data handling capacity

SAP Business One sustains a plethora of data without any hassles. It easily processes large databases and ensures that the data can be processed in the background. On the other hand, Tally.ERP 9 cannot bear huge data, the system stops responding after a certain limit.


SAP Business One is a full-fledged, comprehensive software that is suitable for those manufacturers and distributors who want to have a real-time clarity about what is going on in every corner of the manufacturing unit- whether it is shop floor, warehouse, procurement, shipment or quality check. It allows you to take decisions in real-time, generate reports, plan and forecast orders, manage warehouse activities without wasting time and money.

Tally.ERP 9 is primarily suitable for back-end operations including accounting, sales, addressing the taxation requirement, data entry in multiple languages, payroll management, data synchronization and others. In other words, this software is suitable for those organizations where the volume of data is low and the range of operations is managed and controlled closely.


No wonder SAP Business One is proving to be a ground-breaking ERP that is leaving no stone unturned to offer the most advanced functions that can cater to the needs of a range of manufacturing industries – automobile, telecommunications, high-tech, medical device manufacturing, wholesale and distribution and so on.

SAP Business One allows users to –

  • Create and access information anytime, anywhere
  • See the data in an easy to understand graphical reports
  • Drive your sales activities by creating editing sales quotation, sales orders
  • Use parameterized SAP Crystal and pre-defined sales board for sales analysis and cash flow
  • Manage business partner information
  • Monitor warehouse & shop floor data
  • Find detailed inventory information
  • Determine the number of items to be purchased and produced with MRP

SAP Business One is an internationally-acclaimed software and has a large partner ecosystem all over the globe. One of its reliable and trusted partners is OptiProERP. Powered by SAP Business One, OptiProERP is a business management suite that is developed by well-versed technical professionals and SAP consultants with the vision of helping businesses to streamline their everyday operations. To know more information about OptiProERP, feel free to visit https://www.optiproerp.com/in/.