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Basic Modules of ERP Solution in the Manufacturing Sector

Basic Modules of ERP Solution in the Manufacturing Sector

If you forgive the less than inspired title, an ERP Software provides some of the most up-to-date modules for manufacturing businesses of our time.  

The ERP modules helps you meet several requirements of the manufacturing industry. For e.g., all your manufacturing is managed in the software by creating a complete production scenario in the items, routings and bill of materials. ERP makes it easy for you to manage your finance and costing by generating a comprehensive financial picture. An ERP software serves as a seamless project and inventory management system too.

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Listed below are a few basic modules that we shall cover in this blog post, required in an ERP solution for a manufacturing business. Read at leisure and ensure you are up to speed with the latest thoughts about how the basic ERP modules allow you to make quick business progress.

Read below to find out how ERP accomplishes this!

Automate business processes in a more systematic way using the Production Module

Are you looking for a single window solution of enterprise where every single department is well-connected and integrated into one single system? In that case, you surely are in a hunt for an Enterprise Resource Software that will manage all your business processes effortlessly.

Taking full control of your business processes and not allowing any repetition of entries is possible only when you allow a cliché technology to take control instead of manually doing things.  

If your ERP solution takes care of production needs such as managing bill of material (BOM), routings, shop floor execution system, materials requirement planning, production orders, etc. it will be possible for you to accurately assess needs and produce balanced and economic outputs.   

How can ERP System Improve Inventory Accuracy? Some of the basic advantages that your business gets in the first place by using the Production module are production planning, defining factory capacity, allocating orders and tracking all of your orders. Besides this, you can gauge and respond on customer wise production advice and sales forecast. Designed for specific needs of the manufacturers, the production module includes core capabilities facilitating overall production planning to delivering of products to customers.  

There is a lot more value a good ERP software lets you avail with its well-defined modules. Grabbing your attention is the next module which assures your business’s overall quality!  

Give perfection to the business with the Quality Module

Who doesn’t want an unmatched quality control experience in everyday business processes? And your ERP solution ensures that you get the expected quality for every single manufacturing product with its precise quality focused tools to achieve the optimal quality control you’re striving to achieve.  

Get clear visibility into every phase of your operations, from receiving raw materials, through the production of finished goods, to inspections of finished goods before dispatching. The fully integrated quality control manages the record of pass/fail statistics and assists you to accept or reject the product based on inspection results.

Now you know how Q.C module of your ERP solution facilitates users in process control and cost maintenance. This ultimately lets you gain insights into costs and process efficiency.  

Get going quickly from vision to execution with the Planning Module

The Planning module involves forecasting based several production criteria such as on weighted average, multi-level production planning, inventory, and material planning, capacity planning, etc.

Now, all the manufacturing orders can be scheduled automatically depending upon the reordering rules, quantities that are incoming & over all supply demand.

Moreover, you get inventory and order analysis in real time.

Decide with fewer limitations and more insights with the Warehouse Module

With an ERP inventory management system, your business can seamlessly manage all of its finances, logistics, inventory and everyday operations in one place. Sounds pretty great, right? The warehouse management module basically ropes the daily operation of warehouses including taking care of orders and work monitoring. This module seamlessly provides accurate, real-time information on inventory. Surely, all manufacturing units are in need of a unified method that monitors the overall implementation of warehouse orders. The warehouse management module totally supports inventory planning, preparations as well as implementation. And thus you get – increased efficiency costs savings and supply chain transparency.  

ERP Modules for Manufacturing Industry

Take-home message

At such a transitional period happening across manufacturing industries, issues of productivity and transparency are at the forefront. Understandably, closing the productivity gap will require numerous add-on technologies that an ERP comes with. In 2018 technological improvement has been relentless. Whether it was the newest smartphone release, the latest laptop or just about everything produced by manufacturing firms there has been so much constant tech innovation. Accelerate Innovation in High-Tech Manufacturing Industry with ERP to add value to your business.  

ERP software can be specifically adapted to prevent your business from falling behind. Thus, a wise choice would be the selection of manufacturing ERP with smart business modules which are easy to use and can be customized to your convenience. And owing to such amazing benefits, give your business the necessary boost to win over present market conditions. To know more, contact us for a free demo.