Customer Services


Let’s optimize your processes, people and software enabling tools

Our team of specialists perform a business analysis to help better understand your business requirements. We perform an analysis for creating reports to help you understand trends, strengths and weaknesses, as well as integrate KPIs. Our analysis is crucial for integrating your business needs and optimizing software utilization..

Business Analysis

OptiProERP RACE can help you achieve unparalleled time-to-money.


Plan for Excellence

Leverage a modern innovation management framework


Accelerate Efficiency

Make the complex simple

Optimization Services

Strategic – management consulting, business transformation, BI tools

Tactical – application tailoring, extensions, custom applications, advanced functionality modules, integration, custom reports, and more…


Upon completion of the initial training phase the OptiProERP Customer Service Team work with you to replace your legacy software/s with your newly configured OptiProERP Enterprise Resource Planning Software. Our team provide onsite support  and oversight to make sure your software is being utilized to its’ full potential while maintaining business continuity.

Excellence doesn’t just happen – it’s a plan

 ~ Allan Lessing, Director Sales and Marketing