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Why more and more manufacturers and distributors are running their business in the cloud

Why more and more manufacturers and distributors are running their business in the cloud

Cloud technology has become the stepping stone to digital transformation. In research done by Software Path, approx. 37% of employees use a company’s ERP system to accomplish daily tasks. In addition to this, 95% of manufacturers believe that moving business processes to the cloud would improve their ability to digitally transform their entire ecosystem (Source: Forrester Consulting, 2018). 

With evolving technology, manufacturers focus on new techniques offering improved quality of work, to engage their customers in a better way to deliver products and services on time. 

That is why the adoption rate of cloud ERP is growing by 15-20% and the demand for on-premise ERP solution is declining by 1-7% every year (source: 5-year CAGR (2017-2022) Gartner).

Adoption of Cloud ERP by Manufacturers

Cloud drives the era of the smart factory which promotes connected production facilities and a high level of digitization. It gives you the ability to view and access real-time organizational data while integrating with other basic software applications. Nearly 60% of the enterprises in North America rely on cloud ERP

[30% of manufacturers are predicted to use innovation marketplaces by 2022 for on-demand services and software that raise margins by up to five percentage points]

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Manufacturing Product and Service Innovation 2019 Predictions,– October 2018.

Cloud lets you transform the way you perform daily tasks. It encourages automation and usage of innovative technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Robotics, Big Data and more.  

Since 85% of ERP buyers chose cloud solutions over on-premises deployment (source: Panorama ERP Report, 2018) there must be some compelling reasons for their choice. Are you confused between cloud ERP vs on-Premise ERP? Let’s explore the benefits of cloud ERP so that you can understand the differences. 

Benefits of Cloud ERP

Benefits of Cloud ERP

  • Improved Customer Engagement
    With preference tracking, recording purchase history, faster feedbacks and grievance readdressing by cloud ERP, manufacturers are able to deliver improved customer responsiveness for longer retention and repetitive sales.
  • Increased Agility and Extensibility
    Cloud ERP helps create streamlined and effective business processes and helps in adhering to regulatory guidelines. As the ERP grows with your expanding business needs, the solution proves its worth by being equally agile and extendable.
  • Heightened Productivity
    The gap between demand and supply is bridged to reduce the pains of manufacturers. With real-time accessibility to warehouse operations, and intelligent forecasting supported by cloud, ERP lets you predict future demand. 
  • Greater Supply Chain Connectivity
    Cloud ERP system provides bird’s eye visibility into procurement, sales, dispatch and movement of goods. This vital information is available to manufacturers anytime, anywhere with the help of cloud ERP. This helps to gain a tighter control over the entire supply chain.
  • Competitive Advantage Through Next-Gen Processes
    Staying a notch ahead of competitors requires production and operational processes powered by high-end technology to offer accuracy and speed at the same time. Cloud technology makes it possible.
  • Improved Quality
    Cloud ERP software specifically designed for manufacturing businesses align various QC tests and processes in place and plays a key role in improving the overall transparency in quality standards. Such advanced functionality lets manufacturers know about possible quality issues ahead of time and stay prepared for adequate rework or improvements.
  • Lowered Costs
    Cloud ERP brings significant cost savings for your business, such as no infrastructure and no maintenance cost. Cloud ERP is extremely beneficial for SMEs or first time ERP buyers because of the quick “time-to-value” feature whereby manufacturers can experience a substantial result on ROI generation. Such cost saving features makes cloud ERP a compelling case for implementation.
  • Real-time Visibility and Decision-making
    Unlike an on-premise ERP, cloud ERP system facilitates a detailed performance view to manufacturers on convenient dashboards that can be viewed anywhere in the world at any given point of time. Such real-time analysis and process monitoring aids in making crucial and vital decisions that impact the growth of organizations significantly.

Have a look at some more business benefits of Cloud based ERPs:

Cloud ERP Benefits for Business

There are a plethora of Cloud ERP solutions available in the market so selecting the most appropriate, flexible, and pocket friendly option for your manufacturing unit becomes a tough task. Read on to see why OptiProERP might be the best choice for you.

Why OptiProERP’s Cloud Solution?

Built on the #1 ERP platform for manufacturers and distributors (SAP Business One), OptiProERP has the capability to transform your complex problems with simple solutions for ever expanding manufacturing and distribution needs. OptiProERP’s power packed functional modules inexpensively fits the size of your operation. Moreover, it’s easy to use and quick to implement so that you reap the ROI benefits faster. 

OptiProERP’s Cloud Solution is a tailor-made solution designed to cater to the needs of manufacturers by connecting the entire supply chain from start to finish. It not only provides detailed insights of business analytics, but also facilitates more informed decision making.

The following USP’s of OptiProERP’s Cloud Solution make it an irresistible choice for business owners:

  • Unmatched Security
    Rigorous, fool-proof, and end-to-end security to avoid data theft and manipulation. Built-in redundancy, timely data back-up & disaster recovery options to eliminate data loss.
  • Performance Excellence
    Best-in-class cloud platform that provides maximum uptime, speed and accuracy for data transfer, which results in over the top operational performance.
  • Sized Right Just for You
    Easy and simple-to-start-with functionality; all you need on a platform to scale with your growth and a persistent partner in business expansion.
  • Cutting Edge Advantage
    Serve customers with greater perfection and outpace competitors with the latest trends in manufacturing.

OptiProERP gives you the freedom to choose the mode of your ERP deployment. Be it…

  • Cloud: Truly a cloud solution based on latest technology, OptiProERP is just the right choice for you. Kick start a brand new production scenario, simplify complex processes.
  • On-Premises: If you choose to deploy OptiProERP on-Premise – that’s just fine, we let you decide what’s the best for you. Even an on-Premise solution is capable of meeting your needs. Plus, you can switch to the cloud anytime, any day.
  • Mobile: Manage your business on the move or from the plant floor. Be in control and get real-time insights anytime, anywhere on any mobile device.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t miss the opportunity to get your hands on the best-in-class Cloud-based ERP solution. Join hands with OptiProERP to gain a tighter control over your business and get potential results in no time. Ask for a free demo today. Visit www.optiproerp.com