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The OptiPro demo will walk you through an order-to-cash scenario, showing the process progression in detail and profiling the typical user types for each stage – Sales to Scheduling, Production to Purchasing, Inventory to Receipts to BOM and Routing to Work Cells to Quality Verification to Staging, Shipping, Invoicing and finally, to Collecting.

Your objective with your business is to keep things that are repeated simple and easy to manage. You will see that OptiPro facilities for staff members in each user profile (e.g., a Scheduler) are straightforward, fast to execute and easy to understand, even for others in adjacent processes (with Scheduling, it’s Sales on the one side, Purchasing and Production on the other). OptiPro reduces Art to Science, affording your people the opportunity to perform their tasks repeatedly with uniformity and with consistent quality. These are the hallmarks of an excellent company.