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ERP Software for Furniture Manufacturing Industry

CHANGE is constant for the furniture and fixture industry. It’s a unique industry, with exceptional needs that cannot be shared with any other industrial segment. Being a discrete industry, it deals with a variety of raw materials ranging from wood, to wooden-plastic panels, glass, leather, metals, plastics, fabric, etc.

With frequently changing living standards, comfort expectation and health awareness, the furniture & fixtures industry industry needs to make every effort to achieve superior levels of customer satisfaction. Offering ranges of products in every possible size, color, shape and fabric is essential for the furniture industry to quickly meet customer demands.

Delivering different products with finer quality, toughness and comfort, and at a reasonable price while remaining profitable is really a herculean task. Meeting these challenges requires an intellectual IT/ERP strategy. OptiPro ERP implementation creates drastic improvements in productivity in addition to proper capacity utilization.

OptiPro ERP – the unsurpassed carpenter mending every furniture manufacturing unit. It is the most flexible yet robust ERP software, easily meeting every unique need of the furniture and fixtures industry. We provide numerous ERP modules for this industry such as Procurement, Production, Inventory Management, Supply Chain Planning, Sales, CRM, Business Intelligence and Shop Floor Control. Our ERP system smooth the functioning of individual departments and offers strong integration between different departments, bringing your entire data under one platform. With BOM and ECN modules, we provide complete control to track changes in core design for meeting customer specifications.

Together with the systematization of the entire production cycle, whether it is make-to-order, engineer-to-order or make-to-stock, OptiPro ERP offers crisp, creative and agile solutions to easily meet customers’ unique specifications. Right from material forecasting to capacity planning to final production; successful ERP implementation makes any production cycle flow more efficiently and profitably.

Our ERP software is a complete business solution to support furniture manufacturing, beginning with selecting wood, choosing fabric, determining edge treatments to crafting the finished good. It’s a solution designed to help you to be a leader in the furniture and fixture manufacturing industry.

OptiPro ERP’s features for the furniture manufacturer include:

  • Effectively manages the sales activities from entering customer information, generating sales quotations, orders, shipment to receiving payment.
  • Complete procurement process from selecting vendor, requisition, order generation, receiving goods, inspection to vendor imbursement.
  • Spontaneously updates furniture inventory status after each transaction.
  • Successfully meets the ever changing customer requirements via Bills of Material.
  • Keenly tracks every Labor Transaction besides MO costs.
  • Efficiently plan your purchase and production orders considering demand, supply and forecasts within the defined time frame.
  • Provides real-time shop floor tracking that enables you to identify the time left for the order to complete.
  • Perfect forward and backward scheduling methodologies offering flexibility to properly schedule releasing of orders to the shop floor.
  • Multiple UOM options to support inventory of fabric, wooden logs, plastic etc. in required units of measurement.
  • Supports frequent re-designing without affecting original BOMs and enables associating drawing and notes with the BOMs.
  • Single click transfer of Sales orders to work orders.

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